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A new absolute altitude record is a rare event. Here are the FAI data on the latest altitude achievement in open class gliders: 
February 1986, Robert R. Harris on Burkhart Grob Astir G-102 reached 14 938 meters
August 2006,  Steve Fossett on Glaser-Dirks DG-505  reached 15 460 meters. 
Since 2017 a new Era of world altitude records started by Perlan Mission II.

Project mission

Gliding sports popularization through new achievements
Open incredible landscapes and unique soaring conditions in Caucasian mountains to the soaring society of the world

The current world record in glider open class is 22 657 m, but still far from the declared Perlan Mission II team. The Perlan II glider was designed for the flights in stratosphere: its performance optimized for flight at 15 000 meters, but theoretically it can fly up to 27 000 meters and has pressurized cabin. Superseding world altitude records will further require very high cost special stratosphere gliders.

Shall we consider that record flights in gliding are no longer important? Of course, no! Besides world records there are national and regional. As well sailplanes are not restricted by open class only. Still we have room to challenge ourselves and surpass over the existing achievements.
For Russia, the national absolute altitude record has been set by Mr. Oleg Pasechnik on a famous training glider Let L-13 Blanik - he had achieved 10 800 meters in October 1978.

Our project goal is to supersede this achievement. The project name referred to different position – STRATOSPHERE in respect of flight altitude and ELBRUS (a highest Caucasian mountain) for the geographical region of intended record flight.

Our project is not so ambitious as Perlan, but we will fly on regular type of glider you can see on a soaring competitions and trainings of the glider pilots. We are not going to close project upon absolute altitude record flight but will continue to support soaring by new achievements.

Goal1 to bring attention to the gliding as the most harmonious aviation sport and inspire people to study science and aviation
Goal2 to create a platform for the experience and knowledge sharing in record flights organizing
Goal3 to make Caucasian gliding infrastructure ready for flights of Russian and foreign glider pilots


  • to supersede Soviet absolute altitude record for glider (Oleg Pasechnik, 10800 m, 1978) and to prepare to other record flights
  • to create videos and articles about soaring, gliders and persons
  • opening new pages in the history of gliding sport in Russia
  • to find and keep connections with partners who can assist in the project
  • to gather aerological data and aviation infrastructure of Caucasus and especially of Elbrus area;
  • assessment and preparation of the necessary projects for the development of glider flights in the Russian mountains.  

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